In the business world, there is a rule you may know.  the rule is that the cheapest one is the most expensive things, the most expensive thing is the cheapest one! Now let us show you the datas on the led strips

     Economy LED Strip 60×5050     highest quality led strips 60×5050
         Unit price:           US$1.5/m             US$6.6/m
          warranty           half of year             3 yeras warranty
          Brightness             600-720lm              1440-1560lm
          Light decay               very fast                 slow
           working life              > 30000 hours            >  80000 hours
           price per year              US$1.5 @ 1 year                US$1.3@1 years
          Extra cost             labor cost, time cost, installation cost and maintenance cost             no
       How many purchasing times within 5 years                   5 times            1 time
       total cost of 5 years           >  USD7.5 + Etra cost               US$6.6
     conclusion          the most expensive strip       the  cheapest strip

The cheapest one is the most expensive one, The most expensive one is the cheapest one!

you know what, MLEDLIGHT High quality LED Strip has ” 6 ” most

1st Most ——Highest brightness
24lm for 5050 led; 8lm for 3528lm, 26lm for 2835led,

2nd Most —– Best quality
all of raw material are  Top quality;

3rd Most ——-Lowest light decay
Estimated lose brightness 1-3%@ 12 months

4th Most ——- Longest working life
the working life can be up to 80000 hours

5th Most ——–Best experience
“We still use and advise the LED strips of course, we are very pleased by the products”              —— Netherlands
” your good quality led help make me succesfull ” ;-)             —- UK

6th Most ——– cheapest price
in the long run, the price is cheaper than the economy one