1,All LED chips use are originally imported. Encapsulated with great quality silicone .Excellent heat dissipation. Low light decline.

2,Double side FPC board. Materials for interior conductive copper sheet is rolled copper. Super flexibility (4-5 times better than electrolytic copper). Copper sheet with heavy section. Small voltage drop.

3,Circuit is developed and designed by ourselves. Choice materials. Professional circuit design. Working current 17 – 18MA. LED strip lights work very well for quite long time.

4,US great quality 3M double sided adhesive tape, tenacious, this kind of tape does not fall off even when it is heated.

5,Imported high lumen LED chips. Materials like glue and LED leadframe are imported from abroad. Lumen for single LED reach 20–24LM.

6,Circuit is developed and designed by ourselves. Imported, great quality LED chips. LEDs are encapsulated by ourselves. Good heat dissipation function. Quality is ensured. Light decline less than 3% after working for three months.

7,LED strip light does not turn yellow even if working for many years. High/low temperature resistance. Excellent heat dissipation.

8,Warranty: 5 years

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